We Don’t Ride Llamas Comes to SXSW for The Femme Fatale Showcase

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How did you choose the bands name? What are the origins?

“We started off as four different musicians in the same house (we’re siblings)and decided to become a band. As for the name, we were bouncing around ideas in the car as a joke and the name “We Don’t Ride Llamas” really stuck with us so we kept it!

What are your musical influences?

There’s honestly a lot but some are Deftones, Fiona Apple, Death, Tribe Called Quest, Living Colour, Roots, Carlos Santana, Dilla, Lenny Kravitz, Musiq Soulchild, Aaliyah, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald

How did you hear of punk black?

We mutually followed each other over instagram and they’ve just been super kind to us ever since! It’s gonna be so fun to do the show.

Is this your first time as SXSW? if not, what was your experience from your last time performing? if so what are you looking forward to this year?

This would be our second time playin at SXSW!! last time was baller as hell fr and we got to headline DAWA’s event at Stubbs . that performance was high energy and so much fun💐 ngl tho it kinda difficult bc we played 9 shows in 6 days and at the end we all slept for a week

What genre of music do we fall under?

We consider ourselves Afro-Rock which is really just the black reclamation of Rock Music and acknowledging and using all of its influences from rhythm and blues to country and the like

How do you all go about writing music?

The way we compose music varies, we don’t like to limit the way each our individual artistic expression comes together to collaborate as a group. Sometimes it’s spontaneous like with our single ‘the flies’, which was inspired by our sweltering band practices in the garage during the summer. Other times it’s very intentional like with our most recent project ‘The Oracle’. Usually the whole band will compose our songs based around concepts that we’ve been discussing for a while amongst ourselves. The new songs we’ve been writing are extremely emotionally charged. It’s primarily focused on putting out a statement about the culture & systems that affect our lives. We’re bearing our souls and our hearts in this new project. We hope it reaches people and makes them feel seen.

Any new music on the horizon?

okay so we have a full project coming soon but we’ll be dropping a single very shortly so stay on the lookout by keeping up with our socials :D!!


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