An interview with Atlanta’s Owned Bad Ass Owner of Twisted Treats, Mickie Mckenzie

We’ve been seeing and tasting your delicious treats for some time now! You’ve vending at many Punk Black events that we’ve held in Atlanta. What made you get into baking?

I used to bake for fun in high school and then stopped to focus on fashion in college.  I used to brag about it to my partner at the time and she ended up challenging me to bake for her.  That brought my love for baking back and I was stuck after that.

How long is it if a process with cupcakes vs. cakes?

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so both cupcakes and cakes take a good bit of thought and planning before starting. Of course cakes take much longer though, especially due to the design and details needed.


If you could pick your top 3 treat designs, which would they be?

I recently thought about this! I have made a ton of cakes over the years so this is hard!  But I must admit my top three include a realistic, semi-bloody heart cake, the Harry Potter platter which had 5 parts that were all cake, and definitely the Going Merry ship cake I made for myself last year. I’m obsessed with One Piece so it had to be made.  Oh! I have to add another, I made and decorated a wickedly beautiful black heart, goth cake, complete with black skulls and bloody eyes!

Would you like to open your own shop?

It has always been a dream of mine to own a bakery. It is definitely a goal to have a place where everyone can come to enjoy sweets, breads, coffee and chocolates.  I really want to create that environment and teach classes.

What is your go to genre of music when baking?

I listen to almost everything when baking and decorating.  I always start with rock though. It keeps my momentum up, especially when I bake and decorate at night.

Are you inspired by any big time bakers?

Absolutely. I love the YouTube channel called Chocolate Cacao, which shows amazing chocolate yummies.

I also love Cal The Baker (cal_thebaker) and GiGi (batterandblossomcakery) on Instagram. Both of these ladies make gorgeous desserts!

Besides cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. What other kind of treats do you like dabble in?

I dabble in a few treats: macarons, brownies and pies, biscotti and meringue, a few breads, etc.  A big one is chocolate! I’m diving into custom chocolate bars and bon bons this year so look out for the new line!

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