Bondbreakr Brings Psychedelic Rage Punk Rock to The PB Femme Fatale Showcase at SXSW

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How did you choose the band’s name? What are the origins of Bondbreakr?

Patrick, our drummer, came up with the name. As we began to find our musical footing, we collectively determined the purpose and vision for BÖNDBREAKR. Our sound is borne out of our respective cultural foundations in the Texas Gulf Coast, the American South, and Ireland.

What genre of music do you all fall under?

Psychedelic Rage Punk Rock, or Metal depending on who you ask!

What are your musical influences?

My influences vary but I love blackened thrash metal, world music, and straight-forward punk rock. More specifically Bad Brains, A Band Called Death, MDC (Million Of Dead Cops), Hellhammer, Crass, Hulder, Cypta and many more.

How do you all go about writing music?

Writing BÖNDBREAKR songs is a collaborative process. Our guitarist Ciaran is the primary songwriter and I, Gerilyn, am the exclusive lyrical composer. Ciaran constructs the riffs and provides Patrick (drums, percussion) working ideas for beats, while our bassist Thad contributes groove.

Is this your first time at SXSW? If yes, what was your experience from your last time performing? If no, what are you looking forward to this year?

This is our second consecutive year performing as official artists at SXSW. We are forever indebted to the keen ear and kindness of Punk Black Founder Von Phoenix for choosing BÖNDBREAKR to be part of the Punk Black showcases. Last year, we were uplifted by Lars Wolfshield, manager for the most groundbreaking bands in Austin, TX Pleasure Venom and Fuck Money, who put our music in front of Von for consideration. We’ve been moving and shaking since then and are truly blown away by the envelopment of us weirdos in the fold of PB and the Wolfshield family.

When and how did you all hear about PUNK BLACK?

A few years ago Punk Black reposted a live performance clip of our band. From that moment on, we’ve been fans of the platform and have been championing its success and growth.

What are your thoughts on performing at the PUNK BLACK: Femme Fatale Showcase?

This is the only official showcase we are playing this year, and to me it means the world. Sharing the stage with phenomenal Black artists is tremendous because the lyrics I write are, at their core, written for Black people and I want to be in sync with my people. The original Sista Grrls like Maya Sokora of Mother Goddess, Honeychild Coleman of The 1865, and Flora-Morena Ferreira Lucini of MAAFA have championed me and my band for years, so really this showcase is a space where I can make these pioneering Afro-punk foremothers and my hardcore punk rock siblings proud.

Any upcoming releases?

The next BÖNDBREAKR EP will be released in 2023.

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