Tatted Up Tuesday with Behemoth Kittii

What got you into the alternative scene?

The music, the step away from ordinary


When did you get your first tattoo and what was it?

Little bats on my side

What’s your favorite piece?

My chest piece, even in death there is beauty.


Who are some of your all time favorite bands? ( pick 5)

Slaughter To Prevail

Jesus Piece


Amigo The Devil


Last Concert/show you went to?

Trinity of Terror 🤘


Any hobbies that you are deeply invested in?

Reptile keeping


Which dinosaur would you want to be and why?

Velociraptor, kinda sorta tiny… kinda sorta vicious

If you were a roadie, which band would you wanna tour with?

Kittie 🤘


Who’s your favorite tattoo artist and why?

Ryan Ashley first FEMALE winner on ink master. She kills


Is there any message you would like to say to the next generations of black & brown alt kids?

Do you, it’s okay to be different and set yourself aside from the “norm”. I was scared to be myself, and I realized that it was because  I wasn’t the “norm” And honestly I’m okay with that. I actually love that I’m different, you should be too. We love you, I LOVE YOU 🤘🖤

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