Peppermint Raygun’s Sold Out Release Party for “The Secret History of Black Punk”

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February 25th, in a small sold out punk bar in Columbus, Ohio, is The Secret History of Black Punk. This special one night event is a calling to all black alternatives. 

Put on by visual artist Peppermint Raygun aka Raeghan Buchanan, for her comic release party. The Secret History of Black Punk book dives into the pioneers of punk and rock & roll. Legends like Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Pure Hell to new schoolers Nova Twins and Ho99o9. All these bands and artists are drawn beautifully by Peppermint Raygun herself, also with it being published by Silver Sprocket, we hope this comic will be heavily pushed. 

Punk Black Show in Columbus Ohio

As soon as doors opened, the venue got packed. Emo kids, metal heads, hip-hoppers, and punks flooded the floor. 

Kickin’ off the night was Midwest emo indie rocker Marvin the Robot. Which they were late, but it wouldn’t be a punk show without some tardiness. The Robots were set up ready to go. Marvin came trudging in and a pathway was created through a sea of people for him. Things kicked in to gear and the party started. Marvin the Robot was a spectacular opener for the night, with emo riffs and screaming hooks. 

Punk Black Show in Columbus Ohio

Next on stage was Jacoti Sommes, who was definitely a whirlwind of a treat. Jacoti started off playing some slapping beats. Most thought he would be rapping, but with much surprise, he mainly had comedic commentary through the set. Engaging with the audience and some occasional singing. Let’s not forget the outfit change at the end of the set. Jacoti is for people who hate the norm and love the Eric Andre show. 

Punk Black Show in Columbus Ohio

Coming all the way from Brooklyn, was the punk rock vet Honeychild Coleman, for a solo set. If the name sounds familiar, check her out in the political punk band, The 1865 or you might recall her in the punk collab movement Sister Grrl Riot. By this time the venue was sold out, with a line of people waiting to enter. Nevertheless, Honeychild hit the stage bringing vibes of all sorts. From dream pop to a lofi punk soundscape. It’s awesome seeing an artist such as Honey vibing out and receiving nothing but love. 

Peppermint Raygun came up to speak for a quick intermission and showed love to a young 15 year old painter named Ava.

Punk Black Show in Columbus Ohio

Raygun, promoting her comic The Secret History of Black Punk. She spoke on her love for the scene and growing up black in a white dominated genre. “This is why we’re here tonight” Raygun sighted. Followed by, “If you’re Black, make your way to the front!”. 

People pushed their way to the front of the stage, anxious and curious what the next band would bring. 

ATL 3-piece Being Hvman dropped in for this special event. Getting the first pit going, they started loud with energy through the roof. On sight they don’t look like your usual punk band, if that makes any sense. The front man in bright lime green hoochie daddy shorts, with the guitarist goth’d out in fishnets, and a Latino drummer resembling a dapper hipster. Bodies were hitting the floor to their noise punk sounds with ungodly reverb on the vocals. They even did a very cool freestyle on their last song and let the crowd pick words & topics. 

Punk Black Show in Columbus Ohio

The heavy hitting headliners for the night were Ohio’s own Minority Threat. Hardcore punk that hits the soul with blaring vocals and heavy riffs. Performing music from their ep Culture Control, their fan base was in the building heavy. Once again, mosh pits spiraling out of control throughout their entire set. It feels like Minority Threat should be at a bigger status than what they are. They surely have the underground on lock though. 

Punk Black Show in Columbus Ohio

It was a beautiful night for black punks, the misfits, the loners, and the black & brown alternatives. The Midwest is very slept on, but Columbus brought it, and they got something to say. 

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