PUNK BLACK Apocalypse Eve- A Review by Avien Reese

If you missed Punk Black January 2017 you missed one hell of a show.   The Apocalypse Eve Edition was more than just a show; it was our chance, as the minority counter-culture, to make a bit of noise in protest of the way our country has devolved into a deplorable fascist regime.  As always, the PB Nation showed up fully prepared to rage the night away.

Posted at the Union EAV, this edition greeted our friends with a couple new features and amenities.   As I entered the dark shotgun bar the first thing that caught my eye was the 5 screens boasting the Punk Black name hovering over a montage of Japanimation scenes. Swords and warriors and fierce battle faces welcomed me to the proceedings. Ensconced on the raised platform next to the entrance were Punk Black staple artists Ron Smith and Clive Neish. Artwork with a shrill of revolution graced the tables accompanied by brand new Punk Black merch.

Opening the night was The Konvalescent. In their sophomore appearance at Punk Black, once again they melted faces with their intense heavy metal explosions. This band was amazing with their synchronized head banging, roars and growls, unearthly drum beats and time signature changes. As always, Punk Black brought the best of Atlanta Underground music to our fingertips.

Next up, Punk Black veterans: Conkrete God!!!!! This soulful female fronted band has mesmerized our ears quite a few times, yet this Apocalypse Eve they were in rare form. With mystifying, epic guitar licks undergirding a voice of divinity we were reminded that, amidst the raging and moshing, our voices MUST be heard, black lives DO matter, and we MUST embrace our allies… Punk Black isn’t just music… it is a movement.

The third band was a trip to punk rock past with the raw garage punk sound of Holders. These young guys, organic and dynamic, aroused the crowd with the unfinished aura of some of our favorite bands’ early sounds. Succinct and determined they drove edgy guitar riffs and proud vocals into the souls of a hungry crowd!!!! Keep an eye on these guys as they rage their way into the annals of underground rock history.

Closing out the night was the proverbial root band of Punk Black, Howling Star! Never ceasing to amaze, Howling Star raised a ruckus with the intense showmanship and moshing expertise of frontpersons Jamee Cornelia and Arkkade Kult, backed by the bold guitar invocations and rhythm prowess of our beloved mother band.

The moshing was sick, the sweat dripped, the drinks poured, the smoke wafted… Once exhausted and inspired, I must admit, Punk Black is on its way to securing its place of legend in the Atlanta underground scene and beyond. Don’t miss next month’s “Valkyrie Edition”, featuring all female fronted bands, of course in Punk Black style of honoring minority influenced rock music… I’ll see you there on February 23 at the Union EAV.

-Avien Reese

Photos by Lakilah Thomas