Portland BIPOC band “Teeth” Drops Their Debut Project “Baby Duckling”

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Portland BIPOC band Teeth drops their debut project! 

Portland, Oregon has birthed many big bands from Portugal. The Man to Red Fang to Modest Mouse. On the other hand, the underground scene is forever fruitful with many genre bending artists. 

Take the BIPOC 3-piece band Teeth. They bring their debut project Baby Duckling to light fusing exquisite indie jams to hard 90’s grunge head bangers. 

Singer/guitarist Pablo paints a beautiful picture on the track “Garden” that could easily be in a film like The Crow or Queen of the Damned. 

Bassist Eli keeps it funky on the song “Her” where it gets a little math-rocky but stays in that alt-90’s pocket. Drummer Dakarai shows pure versatility from “Brazen Bull” that’s super heartfelt to the hard hittin’ mosher cut “Nothing”. 

The band, Teeth, should be more than happy with this super solid project Baby Duckling, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. 

For fans of indie rock, grunge, and 90’s alternative. 

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