An Interview with Son Goya, Owner and Chef of Senpai’s Noodle Supply

Son Goya! What’s good? How was your 2023 all in all?

-You can call me Myah🤣 I honestly can’t complain! I transitioned from full-time to part-time, to working for myself within the time span, and did some exciting things along the way!

What are some goals you accomplished last year?

-The only “goal” I really had was quitting my job…in a comfortable manner, and that was a success! Oh, wait, I take that back!  I wanted to serve ramen in Colorado, and I somehow pulled that off too!

What got you into the love for food?

– It’s really my love for bringing people together. I love seeing/making people smile and creating spaces for them to be themselves. One thing led to another and I realized food is one of the best ways to do so, here we are!

Where are you from? Where are you located now?

-I am from Stone Mountain, Ga ! A lot of times people don’t believe so, but I was born and raised in the “Atlanta” area. And I’m still here….but not at my parents lol

How did Senpai Noodle Supply come about?

– Honestly, it was originally just a goofy high idea…can I say that?😅 One day I was eating wings and I really had the urge to dip them in some ramen, so I went in the cabinet and whipped up some instant ramen, and it just hit me like….”yo, no one is doing this!” from there i was pretty much like….I REALLY need to learn how to make ramen…Tried a few recipes, had a few pop-ups at the house and before I knew it, I had more people at my house than I could handle…that’s the short story lol

What’s your personal favorite dish on the menu?

-Hmmmm it’s really hard to say. Every time I go a while without eating one, I eat and I’m like “DAM, I made this??” but if I HAD to pick, I’ll say the Dirty Bird and the grilled chicken Schtick Talk

With Senpai Noodle Supply being mobile, are there certain areas or events that you usually pop up at?

-I pop up in pretty much different places every week, but some of the main places you’ll find me at are Highcard x BlueTarp Brewing in Tucker, and Independent Distilling Company in Decatur. I like to call those “home base.”  Controllerise is one of the main events I rotate out at! You can usually catch me there once or twice a month.

Obviously, you have a love for anime. This might be hard, but which are your favorite 3?!

-lets seee, Judge all you want but Naruto is on my list lol idc if it’s cliche


Demon Slayer

Attack on Titan

How about your favorite 3 characters?

Shikamaru (I love his knowledge of his own ability, but it was portrayed as laziness)

Inoske ( raw strength and humor) 

Eren (Mans went thru so much, and character development was crazy….we really can’t call him a hero or a villain….just someone who’s going to keep moving forward)

What kind of music and artists do you bump while cooking? I play everything!

You’ll find some House, Trap/rap, and Rock. Artists such as Kaytranada, Disclosure, Future, Drake, Motley Crue, Linkin Park, Blink 182

Where can the people find you in 2024?

“we ain’t hard to find” is something I like to say. If you check the social media which is @senpainoodlesupply, I try to get the schedule up 2-3 days before events if I can!

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