Meet ATL Bad Asses The Rack, Second Signed Band of PUNK BLACK Records

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When did you all start? Who’s all in the band, and where are y’all from?

The RACK started as a cover band back in 2019 that Carlos Laquanous(Bassist) put together with Awleen Knight (Vocals). Russell Dennie (Drummer) was later introduced in 2020 and The Rack consisted of mostly cover songs since all the artists were in separate projects. Jonathan Lee (guitarist) was later introduced in 2023 after the band established their own unique style.

Russell is from Chicago, Awleen is From GA (Ray Charle’s voice), Carlos is from Atl, and Jonny K from New York.


Where did the name The Rack come from? What does it mean?

We came up with the name based off our names: THE RACK Russ Awleen Carlos and Jonny K

Who are some of y’alls biggest influences?

(Russ)- My biggest influence is a hard one to answer,  but for drums,  artists such as  Luke Holland, Larnell Lewis, Matt Garstka, Matt Halpern, and Zac Farro are what come to mind. I could go on forever, but band and music influences include Paramore, Snarky Puppy, Animals as Leaders, Periphery,James Brown,Prince,Grupo Niche (I could go on for days).

(Jonny K) -Growing up, my biggest influence was Mozart-  it taught me how intricate music could work for the public

(Awleen) -Billie Holiday, Lana Del Rey, Flyleaf, Evanescence, System of a Down, and Southern Gospel music

How do you feel about the music scene in your hometown?

(Carlos) It’s growing still unknown by the mainstream

(Jonny K) there are nuances to every genre. i think personally if you are working hard towards a picture then there are opportunities and everything is evolving

(Russ) I’ve been playing the Atlanta scene for a long long time now so long I’ve become that old guy that always gives advice/helps. ATL has come a long way since 2005 to now

(Awleen)I don’t really have a home town. I went to like 8 different elementary schools. In middle school and highschool I was really out of touch with pop culture and only really started exploring rock when I was like 13. But before then the music scene for me was singing in church and in chorus and the historical vintage jazz my mother would show me and my sisters. I did feel this expectation to do a genre that people expected of me because of my race. I was expected to make gospel or R&B music but I have always had ambitions to create my own genre outside of the mainstream scenes


When was your first PUNK BLACK show?

(Carlos) Metropolitan Lofts

(Russ) I come from the beginning-from playing in front of biglots to the house shows to now

(Awleen) Boggs

(Jonny K) The Union

What’s your favorite PB band you’ve performed with?

(Russ) that’s a hard one for me- I’ve played with so many but bands (10 hit combo) but most of us are great friends so it’s always nice to play with Che from Paleos or Jovan from Howling Star


The Rack just dropped “Catch” with PUNK BLACK Records and It can be found on all platforms! Listen to it here or on our “Big Ass P.O.C. Rock Playlist!

All Photos by Maxine Wallace(IG: @missmaxxi)

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