Black and Brown Fest Returns to Houston for Their Second Annual Festival

Black and Brown Fest returns to Houston for their second annual festival! PUNK BLACK is Sponsoring the show, and we’re excited to see more of the festival in the future! We had the honor of interviewing festival founder Jazzmin Readeaux on the festival’s beginnings and goings, take a look and remember to follow and support them!

When did Black and Brown Fest Start?

It started last year! Me and my old partner decided to do it together in December of 2021 and it happened in June.

What was the inspiration behind starting the festival?

In 2013, my first week living in Chicago I attended the original Black and Brown Fest organized by Donte Oxun and Monica Estrella. It opened my eyes and made me feel accepted. I wanted to bring that feeling back home with me and had the finally had the skills to do so. 

What are some of the challenges from running the fest? Do you where many hats? What are they?

This year it has been difficult doing everything by myself. I sincerely appreciate the community because they’ve always supported me throughout everything. I do everything, from booking, to networking. Just also running around the festival and making sure everyone is ok.

Does your band normally play the festival?

Yes! This is our second year playing and I’m super exexcited about it. Next year I’m thinking about putting my new band Arabella on as well.

What are you favorite part about running this fest?

I love seeing kids of color happy. All of the stress and lack of sleep is worth it when I see a 16 year old smiling or someone saying they finally feel comfortable and represented.

Do you intend for the festival to happen annually from now on? Do you plan on doing other types of events as well?

I do! I’m already planning for next year and have talked to some pretty amazing musicians. I am so lucky to have people all over the country interested in this small DIY event. I may do a pre show next year and I also throw an Emo Fest in March.

Any shows from Lagrimas soon?

We only have a couple of shows left in the year. We’re all so busy and are trying to focus on writing and recording music at the moment.

Any info or messages you’d like us to relay to the fans and supporters of PB?

Thank you so so much for caring about the comfort and future of alt people of color. When I was growing up there were 3 bands I listened to that looked like me and now people getting into this kind of music have so many people to look up to. It makes me so happy that y’all are actively enjoying not only your existence but the existence of others. Thank you.

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