Death Grips Walks Off Stage After Audience Trolls Throw Objects at Them

During their Fayetteville, Arkansas performance, the experimental punk/ hip-hop band Death Grips walked off stage after being hit by bottles, glowsticks, hats, and phones thrown by the crowd that paid to see them. 


Why do people continuously pelt a band or artist they’ve paid to see? Thinking it’s funny? You mess it up for others who paid as well, took time off from work, maybe drove far for a concert. So you can’t get upset when artists walk off stage. Don’t be a dick and mess it up for fans. 



A fan who went to the concert had some things to say on reddit :

“Someone threw a phone at them and Ride threw the mic on the ground and walked off and back. Someone threw a glowstick that hit him in the chest and he walked off, back and waiting for more.

Another glowstick was thrown and they left. Fair is fair.” 

From eldritchdisiple/Reddit


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