An Interview with Model, Cosplayer, and Extreme Bad Ass Baby Succubuz

Baby Succubuz, it’s about time we’ve hit you up for an interview and long overdue!


You’ve been a figure in the alternative community for awhile now. What age did you gravitate towards the goth, punk, and cyberpunk scenes?


I was about 15 or 16 when I realized I have a love for goth and other alternative scenes.


Were there any certain bands that go you to love this lifestyle?


When I first got into the scene as a teen, I remember watching a lot of older movies with amazing soundtracks featuring 80s bands like The Cure and The Smiths. It’s funny because I had no idea, they were considered goth bands till later. It made me want to listen to more 80s music and that how I discovered more goth bands over time. However, when I was a teen there were a lot of pop punk and nu metal bands that were popular like Korn, Evanescense, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Nine Inch Nails Skindred, ect. Those are the bands/singers that really got me into the scene.


Who are some of your favorite bands of all time?


My favorite bands are Deftones and Tool.


Who’s on your top 6 for Spotify at the moment?


My current top 6 are Deftones, Tool, Snot, Kenny Hoopla, P.O.D, and Pierce The Veil


You’ve done a lot of photo shoots as well. Are there any that stick out as a natural good time? And who shot for you?


I aways have lots of fun doing photoshoots, but my favorite shoots are any pics I’ve posted with clones of myself. It’s a popular editing style but for me they always represent the different feelings or perspectives of myself that I may not be able to always verbally explain. I usually do those photos and editing myself.


Best concert you ever went to?


Best concert was last year in 2022 where I saw Simple Plan + Sum 41 touring together for their 20th anniversary. It was so nostalgic and there was a great mosh pit. That show was so fun, and I glad I got to see 2 of my favorite bands at the same time.

What’s one artist/band you just have to see live that you haven’t?


I absolutely have to see Deftones. They are my number 1 favorite band and I feel like going to their show would be an amazing experience.


(If) you are sponsored by any brands, what is that like?


Being sponsored by brands is still mind blowing even after all this time. Ive been a model/influencer for about 5 years now and I feel so blessed. I never would’ve thought that so many cool companies and people would be interested in working with me. It’s a lot of hard work and its something you really have to invest a lot of time and effort into if you want to go far. But I really love it and I can’t to see how much further it will take me.


Favorite go to hair color for a night out on the town? And why?!


I’ve worn so many colors, but my favorite is always silver or red hair mixed with black. Mostly because those colors go with majority of my aesthetic and its fun experimenting with fun hair colors.

Are there any make up or wig companies that alternative black women should be checking for?


For makeup I absolutely love Glam Goth Beauty by Marley Bloodrose. An amazing black creator whom I’ve watched put so much love and hard work into their products. I remember when Marley started off with the pretty eye glitters, I would often wear with most of my makeup. Then over time there were so many great quality products added to the collection. Definitely one of my go tos for makeup.


What’s one horror film that you absolutely love, and why?


For horror films its hard for me to have just one favorite. But I can say any horror movie produced by A24 studios like Hereditary, Midsommer, and Pearl are awesome. I always love the element of surprise in horror movies that give really good shock factors. Everything that happens in most of their movies are unexpected and I love that about those movies.


Or / both


What’s one anime that you absolutely love, and why?


My favorite anime of all time will always be Nana. The music and aesthetic in the anime is top notch. The story line was also good drama and definitely makes me emotional and not a lot of shows or movies can do that.

Choose your super power, and why?


I would have the power to travel wherever I want in the blink of an eye. There are so many places I want to go and I feel like I never have enough personal time to go places as often. If I had that power I would travel the world in seconds.


What would you like to tell younger people of color coming up in the scene?


My message is to never be afraid to be yourself. It’s ok to like things that are different than everyone else. Also, that you are not alone. For every negative thing people may say about you, there is equally or even more people who will accept you for who you are and are there to support you. Being alternative has challenges but there is also an abundance of love and power that are a part of this lifestyle. Never let anyone invalidate who you are. Be true to yourself and protect your energy and watch where it takes you.


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