13 Bands of Color From The DMV That You Need to Listen To Right TF Now

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The DMV has been on fire the past few years, and the heat is still turning up with so many POC bands and artists emerging. Take a look at this list, and remember to follow and support your favorites!


When it comes to the big dogs, the groovy hardcore band Turnstile has been killin’ it nonstop. They’ve been prominent and consistent, which is key. With projects back to back like Nonstop Feeling (2016), Time & Space (2018), and their breakthrough to almost a mainstream status Glow On (2021), all hit hard.

Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty has dominated her genre for some time now. Bringing in her trap metal and punk rap sound, showing that there’s a space for alternative black women.

Bartees Strange

Originally from Oklahoma and everywhere throughout the states, Bartees Strange grew up in the DMV. The indie alternative rocker has been on it, and dropping a flurry of singles since 2020, with 4 albums under his belt.


Pinkshift has rolled into pop punk royalty quickly. With great song writing, wonderful vocals, and fun vibes, they’re shooting to the top sooner than later. They’re already billed on some of the biggest pop punk festivals for 2023.

End It

Hardcore juggernauts End It go crazy hard. Building a Cult following, and Spotify numbers going through the roof, we can’t wait to see what they achieve next.

Check out the songs “Hatekeeper” and “New Wage Slavery”.

Truth Cult

We got to see Truth Cult finally for the first time last year, touring with Turnstile. When you’re touring with a band at that caliber, that means something. Truth Cult has put in the work and keep the crowd engaged.

Rauli V

Rauli V has that voice that’s brings soul to hardcore, pop punk, and whatever else you throw his way. Besides being an artist that never gives up, he’s a loveable guy, always showing love to the scene that brought him up. Songs you should check out are “Can’t Feel” and Envy”.


More awesome bands that are making noise in the DMV.



Listen to “Doomscroll” and “Foxglove”


Breezy Supreme 

Listen to “Better Off Alone” and “Hopeless Romantic”


Keep Your Secrets

Listen to “trauma.” and “concussed.”


The Missing Piece 

Listen to “Captain Richie” and “Tiger Face”



Listen to “Doubt” and “Isolate”



Listen to “1983” and “DC Means Don’t Come”

If you’re in the Baltimore area, make sure to come and rock with some of these live and in person!


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