5 Black AF Events During Dragon Con Weekend You Need to Go To

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Dragon Con Weekend is almost upon us. As you get ready for the non stop chaotic cosplay free for all that is Dragon Con you may be thinking about where else you can go to party, be cute af, or jump in a pit. Well, look no further friends as we’ve created a list of dope events you can go to while you’re kicking ass in ATL! Also, we’re looking to update this list as we find more events, so if you have an event or know of a dope one that should be here, shoot it to us at [email protected]

August 31st

LOVESEXY: Atlanta’s Premiere Prince Dance Party

What the fuck is it:

A kick ass dance party dedicated to the stylings, music, and badass vibes of Prince.

Where the fuck can you get tickets and Info: HERE.

Sept 1st


What the fuck is it:

A House Music Fest with groovy ass DJs, and  Dope ass, Black Ass hosts.

Where the fuck can you get tickets and info: HERE.

Sept 2nd

Debauchery Burlesque Ball Atlanta w/ Dusk Lord Constantine and PUNK BLACK

What the fuck is it:

A Show presented by Constantine Letting and Hosted by mf PUNK BLACK. Amazing Burlesque performers, and musical sets from PB Records bands HOWLING STAR and The Rack

Where the fuck can you get info and tickets: HERE.


Sept 3rd

SWITCH! CLUB RENAISSANCE: A Non-Stop Beyonce Drag Show! By House of ALXNDR

What the fuck is it:

A kick-ass Drag Show presented and hosted by House of ALXNDR dedicated to the musical stylings, vibes, and badassery of Beyonce

Where the fuck can you get more tickets and info: HERE.


Sept 4th

Cartridge ATL at ARCADIA

What the fuck is it:

DJs, Video Games, Anime, and a badass merge of straight-up ATL Hip Culture and Nerd Lore.

Where the fuck can I get info and tickets: Follow them on IG for the details(they have more events that weekend) HERE.



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