30 Singles From Bands Of Color That Kicked Ass in 2022

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This list was so fun(and difficult) to make! 2022 offered us so many great songs from amazing Bands of Color, and we’ll definitely be cranking this playlist for 2023. Please take a listen to the bands below, and make sure to follow and support your favorites!

Radkey “Better Than This”

Shot by David LaMason Photography 

The Rack “Spinning”

Shot by motherxmayhem

Enumclaw “Jimmy Neutron”

Shot by Colin Matsui

Kokutan “Buckle Up”

Urban Heat “Have you ever?”

Shot by imashoots

The Muatas “Something is Happening” 

Slaysquad “Beam”

Shot by jessvidana_

Pinkshift “i’m not crying you’re crying”

Shot by la_rodgers

Chiiirp “Detroit Hardcore”

Shot by Kyleconvicted

Chidori “Ocean Consumes Vessel”

We Don’t Ride Llamas “The Flies”

Shots by al3pally

Dea & Saint “Kill the Switch”

Shot by bitweirdnnit

Hijas De La Muerte “Furniture Sex Robot” 

Shot by kalonjimcclellan

Lesibu Grand “Friends with My Friends”

The Black Tones “The End of Everything”

Ocean’s End “Try Not to Die”

Jesus Piece “An Offering to the Night”

Shot by phobymo

Whole Wheat Bread “Pimpin'”

Sixteen Bullets “Ways of a Mad Man”

Killusonline “Ura Gona”

Shot by a wilco

Meet Me @ the Altar- Say It(To My Face)

Shot by Johnathan Weiner

Lagrimas- Sid n Nancy

Shot by metajamz

Shygodwin-Be My Lover

Cinnamon Babe- Rock ‘N’ Roll is Black

Shot by jethroalaba

Filth- Coffin Talk

Shot by pillajer

Nightlife “Nightlifetypebeat”

Shot by ianjaredbell

Zulu “Fakin’ Tha Funk”

Shot by cuhhrissee

Frostisrad “I Can’t Dance” 

Shot by dvnine__

Keep Your Secrets “Concussed”

Shot by aatamianphoto

Gutcheck “Blood Bonds”

Shot by ktclairephotography

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