15 Music Videos From Bands of Color You Need to Watch Right TF Now

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If your New Years Resolution was to look out for, support, and mosh to dope ass Bands of Color, look no further(well maybe to our other lists)! These are some of our favorite music videos of 2022, and we know they’ll help you kick ass this 2023. Please take a listen(and a watch) to the bands below, and follow and support your favorites!

Zulu- Fakin’ Tha Funk (You Get Did) 

Jono Jono- Crazy Love 

Meet Me At The Altar- Say it(To My Face) 

Cinnamon Babe- Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Black

Bangzz- Your Boyfriend is Really Bringing You Down

Magnolia Park- Radio Reject 

Lesibu Grand- Friends with My Friends 

Blaqrock- Became My Brother

Upchuck- Boss Up 

Nova Twins- Choose Your Fighter 

Bartees Strange- Wretched 

Blvck Hippie- Technicolor

Rauli V- Envy

Big Joanie- In My Arms

The OBGMs- Same

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