18 Cosplayers of Color to Look Out For in 2023

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The time has come for us to celebrate some of our favorite cosplays for 2022! Seeing these cosplays brought us so much inspiration, and we know they’ll get you hyped too! Take a look at these dope ass Cosplays of Color below, and please make sure to follow and support your favorites!

Ced (@dark_loku)

Kai.esh_Black (@kai.esh)

Kiera Please (@kieraplease)

Kadejah Baylor (@kadejahbaylo)

Dewy (@dewy_theeoccult)

Tranquil Ashes (@tranquil_ashes)

Cocoa Cosplay (@afrococoapuffs)

Chaarrliieee (@chaarrliieee)

Elixserr (@elixserr)

TheRiseofJJones (@theriseofjjones)

Risky Sour(@makeuppsycho)

Cloudie McDoom(@cloudiemcdoom)

Key (@onkeycosplay)

JuiceMan Cosplay(@juiceman_cosplay)

Moon Killer (moonkiller17)

Keenen Baker(aquariustaughtme)

Nikia Renee(msnikiarenee)

Jay Velasquez(liifelikejay)

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