We Stopped By the X-Men Hellfire Gala in Cali, and it was Beyond Dope

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Over the past weekend of July 22nd, the X-Men Hellfire Gala took place in Cali, during the weekend of San Diego Comic-Con.

This is the first real-life mutant gala straight from the Marvel pages. The event was produced by Disney’s own D23, which totally crushed the vibe and interior design of this special one-night occasion. Star-studded X-Men cosplays were all throughout Parq nightclub, along with other awesome Marvel characters.

Three rooms were brought to life, with the first being The Green Lagoon. A lush and plantlike watering hole where you can strut down the green carpet and take photo ops. Also, they had the X-Men arcade music playing in the background, just magnificent!

Next was the Hellfire Ballroom, where drinks are flowing and danced the night away. Special guest Djs were the amazing Coco and Breezy. The final room was titled Lair X, an underground club dedicated to 60 years of X-Men history. It came with a bar, dance floor, and a vault filled with giveaways and prizes.

Content creator/cosplayer Dragonbabyt2 and musician Princegolden of the bands Kokutan/Being Hvman were in the building to capture the event. Check out the pics in our gallery!




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