The Secret History of Black Punk

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Visual artist and comic writer, Raeghan Buchanan aka Peppermint Raygun, has a unique and unforgettable style that is steadily rising throughout the punk community. Not to be categorized in one genre, but she shines with the comic book style portraits with beautiful shading piecing everything together.

Peppermint Raygun’s The Secret of Black Punk takes you down the road of legends and forgotten pioneers in the punk scene. Everyone from the mother of rock & roll Sister Rosetta Tharpe, to Philly punk influencers Pure Hell, to new school rulers like Minority Threat, Death Grips, and Nova Twins.

The comic of Karla ‘Maddog’ Duplantier shows great story telling, as they show their passion towards the grimy scene of the underground. The Secret History of Black Punk shows Raeghan’s love & knowledge of black alternatives that made the way for people of color everywhere today. Teaming up with Silver Sprocket Publishing, it’s a beautifully done comic/zine that’s a great tool for generations to come.

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