PUNK BLACK Starts a Record Label to Elevate People of Color, and Signed 3 Dope Ass Bands

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You read it right folks, we’ve started a new record label! We’ve been talking about it for YEARS amongst ourselves, and with the help of some friends(Rick Sanchez voice) we said, “Fuck it, let’s fucking do this.” PB is starting small with a few bands first(including the band of two of the co-founders), but we’re starting strong. We’ve signed Hijas de la Muerte, The Rack, and HOWLING STAR(That’s not in all caps for emphasis, its how we write it out each time lol). All three bands we’ve fucked with for quite some time, and we’ve seen them grow into the badasses they are today. The 8th anniversary at Earl was used to debut these bands, and we’ve even dropped music from all three bands!

It brought us tears, pride, and joy to see “PUNK BLACK Records” at the bottom of each band’s Spotify page. I can’t properly express how happy I am that we’ve signed these bands and that we have some more on the way SUPER soon. But talk is cheap, and you came here to listen to some music.

Take a listen to PB Records’ first signed bands, follow your faves, and check out our big ass playlist that includes music from all these bands and more here:


Hijas de la Muerte

Photos by @missmaxxi(IG)


The Rack



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