PUNK BLACK Creates Big Ass Playlist With Over 150 Bands of Color

This playlist is the gift that just keeps on giving! We created this playlist a while ago, but we’ve added so many dope ass bands since the last time we told y’all about it! If you’ve already listened to it, listen again! We’re sure you’ll find some new bands to mosh to. If you’ve never heard it before you’re in for quite the fucking treat. So many great bands and artists have graced this playlist, and it’s only gonna get bigger. So please make sure to follow and support the bands you dig, and follow the playlists to make sure you don’t miss out! Thank you for supporting the representation of dope ass bands of color!

P.S. If you don’t see a band on here that should be, or you’d like us to add your band, feel free to shoot us your music to [email protected]

Love y’all!

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