New Orleans’ First Afrofuturistic Burlesque Series “Infinity Hour” Is Back Tomorrow for Round 2

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The kick ass collab between Entertainer La Reina Besant and PUNK BLACK President Von Phoenix is back for round 2! They’re bringing you 5 amazing burlesque performances tomorrow(Sept 16th) at Allways Lounge in a dope ass Cowboys in Space Theme! Think Wild Wild West but in motha fuckin space. The last show they did absolutely KILLED, so if you’re in New Orleans mkae sure you don’t fuckin miss it! Details below:

Where the fuck is it: Allways Lounge(New Orleans)

When the fuck is it: September 16th at 8pm

Where the fuck can you get tickets: HERE MF.



Laveau Contraire

Venus Effect

La Reina

Trombone Squirty

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