Grunge-Punks Hijas De La Muerte Kick Some Ass On New EP “Homenaje”

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Earlier this summer, we introduced y’all to one of the first bands we’ve signed to Punk Black Records—Hijas De La Muerte. The three-piece band is back with a five-track EP, ‘Homenaie.’ It’s a highly listenable release that summons a gritty but non-muddled classic hard rock sound packed with percussion and growling vocals. It was formed in South Florida by three Indian and Hispanic friends, Sami Jo on Drums, Ara Kamble on Guitar, and Ohpie (Mob) on bass, with all three contributing rad vocals and harmonies.

Of their new EP, guitarist Ara tells Punk Black a little more about its inspiration. “Homenaje, to me, is paying homage to people who have passed and people who are no longer in our lives, and this album, in particular, was a culmination of events and transformation as a result of our loss and paying homage to the people who have passed and in honor of them because we loved them.”

Bassist Mob continues: “For me, it’s me saying goodbye to people who are no longer in my life and closing a very tumultuous chapter. I wanted to allude to things that hurt me and let them go.”

Relative newcomers they might be, but Hijas De La Muerte has established a respectable sound that conjures up comparisons to some of their influences, including The Misfits, The Mars Volta, and Portishead.

Now, what are you waiting for? Check out ‘Homenaie’ by Hijas De La Muerte, below! Are you curious about Hijas De La Muerte’s next Punk Black live performance? Follow Punk Black and Hijas De La Muerte on Instagram for updates.

For a bonus round, check out Hijas De La Muerte’s single “Sunflowers n’ Cyanide” for a full-throttle thrill ride for my hardcore fans.

Catch them in NOLA next at PUNK BLACK at Siberia!

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