Chiirp, The Scream Queen With The Rapid Fire Flow Returns

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From Detroit to Atlanta, the scream queen with the rapid fire flow is back! 

Chiiirp took a hiatus to work on life, music, and balance for self, but she’s back with her new ep titled ‘I K1LL Narcissists’.

Chiiirp kicks off things strong on the first track “Im Still A Punk At Heart” where she’s been teetering between multiple genres of trap, metal, hiphop, and punk in the past years, but keeps this joint 100% old school punk.

The ep is short and sweet with only pushing 6 minutes of music, but it’s great to hear Chiiirp with her raspy vocals over gritty production. 

All instrumentation is done by Crack Punk, whose production fits perfectly with Chiiirp. 

The project is only available on Soundclound but hopefully will be pushed to more streaming platforms soon. 

Only link to music

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