Bangarang’s New Video “Route 66” Is The Stuff That Makes Dreams Come True

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Central Florida Alternative-Psych-Hiphop band Bangarang, welcomes their latest single “Route 66” this early Spring.

Bangarang are vets in the FL scene and have been rockin’ for over 10 years strong. You can catch them in their home city of Tampa and surrounding areas always throwing it down.

With “Route 66” it shows that even your average person has dreams and aspirations. For most, our 9 to 5 life isn’t a dream at all, but just a way to pay bills and scrap enough to get by in today’s world.

Very special guest and visual artist, Cam Zaddy makes an appearance as the fairy godmother, granting people’s wishes and dreams which is awesome.

“Route 66” is a great song to kick off the spring, with messages of grinding, believing in yourself, and remaining positive.


Pictures by @boldcitybourbon



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