8 Bands of Color on the Rise in 2023

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Did you plan on blinking in 2023? Well while it seems unnatural, we’d recommend against it. If you blink too much you‘ll miss the rise of these amazing bands and artists below! They’ll all be souring through the ranks of industry this year, so make sure to catch them when you can! As per usual, please support and follow your favorites!

Urban Heat


Urban Heat dropped a powerhouse of an EP titled Wellness in July.

The electronic new-wave kings have been killing it, with one of the most catchy songs of the year “Have You Ever?” They followed this EP up with Fall tour across all of the US.

If you can catch them live, you will for sure see that they are on their way up.  

Bella Moulden

Multi-Instrumentalist Bella Moulden out of NC, has been perfecting her craft for some time to give you the dopest covers of 2022. Guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist, Bella is on top of her game. From performing at NAMM to JBL fest, she will definitely be on tour at some point soon with some big names. We forgot to mention, she has a wonderful sultry voice as well!

 Jono Jono


One thing for sure about JonoJono, that he is very passionate about his craft. Get to know this H-Town hero as he represents for pop punk and alt kids everywhere. JonoJono mixes grunge, soul, and 90’s alternative feels to make you nod your head. Check out “Crazy Love” and “My Mommy”. 

Elishia Sharie


Elishia Sharie has been in the shadows long enough. This soul-rock artist has drive, stage presence, and of course, a pair of unbelievable vocal cords. With awesome pop up shows all in 2022, and her “Zombie” cover; You will be hearing more from her in 2023, and we are ready. 

Bussy Kween Power Trip


Bussy Kween Power Trip isn’t for the light-hearted. The 3-piece avant-garde punk band lays on the bass so heavy its disgusting, in a good way. They’ve been busy killin’ it in the Midwest, with a gauntlet of shows, and if you like black queer punk shit, then this band is right up your alley. Listen to “Cop Garage” and “Internet Graveyard” to get your face melted.

The Jesse Lee’s

The Jesse Lee’s sounds like a name straight up out of an old western, but think again! This alternative soul band definitely brings great vibes, liveliness, and zealous, on top of being dope ass musicians. Hailing from Tennessee, they lightly toured around the south east. If you’re in the mood for something a little bluesy, then check out “The Tower”. Assuming you want to pick up the pace & stomp your feet, then listen to “Appetite”.

 The Rack


The Rack out of Atlanta has been putting in a lot of work in a short amount of time. Each of the band’s members coming from other bands and bringing their skills to form Voltron, if you will. Excelling in post-hardcore, nu metal and alt rock, the front woman Awleen gives the people a show 110% each and every time. Look for their singles “Spinning” and “Scars”. 

We Don’t Ride Llamas 


We don’t Ride Llamas have been busy all year, and in the right directions. Their album Oracle, dropped early Spring, and also a special treat of a single titled “Flies”(which we love) finally came out Dec 5th. One of their biggest accomplishments was touring with the one and only Willow Smith. 

Which they fit perfectly, bringing fun, energetic, and intimacy to the stage. 

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