10 Bands of Color with Bad Ass Stage Presence To Look Out for in 2023

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Like many fans of live performances, we’re HUGE fans of bands with dope stage presence! These bands are great examples of performers that can capture, sustain, and kick your senses into overdrive. We definitely recommend following your favorites, and supporting them at their next show!



Thirdface hails from the capital of country music, but don’t get it twisted, hardcore also lives in Nashville. Singer Kathryn has some of the best vocals to date in the new school era. 

Check out songs “No Hope” and “Customary”!

 Pleasure Venom


Pleasure Venom is a must see. They’ve been kickin ass and dominating Texas all of 2022, and crushed it as SXSW. There’s nothing like powerful black women fronting a Punk band that’ll make you dance. Listen to “Severed Ties”!

Fuck Money


If you dig Death Grips and Lightning Bolt then you’ll love Fuck Money. Upbeat drums come in like a kamikaze plan over avant garde distorted vocals. The songs “Apollo” and “Trolls” are some of our favorites. Fuck Money is nothing but a chaoticly fun time.

Being Hvman


Being Hvman only has one song out “Planet Vegeta”, and it simply doesn’t do them justice like seeing then live. They do perform a full set live, and their frontman is not afraid to join the pit or hang off rafters. Being Hvman is definitely great time, we’re just waiting on more music.



Payasa gives you dope breakdowns nonstop, and a passionate vocalist. 

Check out “Blue Skies” and “Muneca”. The State Of Illinois has been pumping out some awesome hardcore bands in the past couple of years. We hope to see Payasa leading the forefront very soon.



Reppin” Detroit and Atlanta, Chiiirp goes hard with every performance, like an artist should. Growing up in the metal and hip-hop scenes gave her the styles that she’s blessed us with. Chiiirp can flip it from pig screams to rapid-fire verses in the blink of an eye. Check out “Detroit Hardcore”.

 Black Ends


Hailing from the Pacific Northwest are the indie rock giants Black Ends. They blend their sound with a wide variety of styles from punk to blues to grunge. Even though they haven’t dropped new music since 2020, they stay very consistent doing shows while giving a passionate performance. Check out their song “Stay Evil”.



Rebelmatic are nothing more than legends coming from the beast coast of NY. They prove that east coast hardcore punk isn’t dead. They rocked Punk Black and Afropunk multiple times, crushing it every time. Rebelmatic gets the pit going, while their frontman Creature goes in on the mic with commanding energy. Check out songs “Born to Win” and “Don’t Shoot”.



Bangzz is the 2-piece dynamic duo that brings a thunderous boom.

Fast pace, political, and fun, Bangzz sings thier hearts out in true punk rock fashion. You can usually catch them touring around once a year, but if you’re in North Carolina, definitely check them out. Listen to “Don’t Touch People” and “Your Asian Fetish is Racist”.

Lowest Life


 Midwest hardcore never sounded so good! Lowest Life can show & prove that 100%. Their 2022 album titled Life Sucks, kicks ass, and it sounds even better live. When that double bass and heavy riffs drop, it’ll hit shake your bones, and get your body moving straight to the pit. We hope to see them touring more in 2023, and you should too.

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