So I finally started watching Fire Force, and it’s actually DOPE

I’ll admit it, I might be a little late(What is late in anime time? It came out in July this year). I tend to catch some of the latest anime trends(and trends in general smh) later than the average fan, and sometimes I miss them completely. This was almost the case with Fire Force, as I’ve been skipping over it on Funimation’s less than shitty website since it came out. Nothing about it grabbed at me initially so I ended up watching it on a stoned whim, but I’m so glad I did. Shonen anime can get stupid repetitive so it sometimes takes an act of god(the old ones and the new) to get me to watch a new one. Here are some reasons why I dug it and why you might too. Don’t worry, NO SPOILERS ahead.

The Plot

This story starts with a major catastrophe engulfing most of the world in flame 200 years before Fire Force’s current time, which gives birth to fire users and a sun worshiping religion that follows the Holy Sol Temple. The main character joins an organization that follows the religion called The Special Fire Force, which was created to stop spontaneous human combustion and the birth of Infernals(left in the gif above). His group is Company 8, who’s mission is to stop Infernals, figure out the mystery of spontaneous human combustion, while investigating corruption in the other seven companies of the force. Not to mention he’s doing all this while trying to figure out what the hell happened to his brother that was supposedly burned in a huge fire 12 years ago. ¬†This is a pretty dope starting point, and I really love how the characters interact with each other based off this foundation. Of course there are some more than typical Shonen aspects of their relationships as well, but so far the Pros have outweighed the cons.


Mostly everyone’s powers on Fire Force are pretty dope. Each character’s power is a good reflection of that character’s personality. The show does a good job of creatively using everyone’s power to give them their own unique fighting styles. While this is common in Shonen anime, it doesn’t make it any less bad ass. I mean, who wouldn’t want fire coming out of their feet?!! Shoes would no longer be an option but I rather wear flip flops anyway.

The Fighting Styles and Choreography

Admittedly I was actually quite surprised by some of the fight sequences in this anime, especially the ones involving the main character Shinra Kusakabe. His style is like a dramatically enhanced fire spitting version of a combination of Mugen and Eddy Gordo styles, and I honestly fell for it at first sight. There are definitely some other note worthy fighting styles in the anime like that of Maki Oze and Benimaru Shinmon, but Shinra was easily my favorite.

Art Style

The art is created by Atsushi Okubo, who is the writer and artist for Soul Eater. Honestly that by itself is a good enough reason to love the artwork, but if you need a little more just know that not only are the scenes well designed, the moods well orchestrated, and the fights well choreographed, but the show’s design refreshes some of the modern tropes of Shonen. A good example would be rather than having a carefree smile as like most Shonen protagonists, Shinra’s smile is an uncontrollable sign of his nervousness, confusion and worry.

It’s what I need right now

Seriously, it is. There are times when I want to deep dive into anime a bit more mature and thought out, but there are other times when I just want to watch a character struggle, come into their own, and beat the odds when I feel like doing the same things myself. Fire Force does this while adding it’s own unique and refreshing update to Shonen anime.

-Von Phoenix

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