Virtual World Tour

The Virtual World Tour kicked off November 6th and it’s been amazing! Watch the past shows on our YouTube, and see the LIVE dates on Facebook! Here is our Schedule so far, look for more dates soon!



Friday Nov. 6th
Winterwolf(New York) 6PM
Cristy Road(New York) 7PM
Killer of Sheep(Pennsylvania) 8PM
HoneyChild(New York) 9PM

Saturday Nov. 7th
Bojo Breeze(Philly) 6PM
Joe Mike Markez(New Jersey) 7PM
Hysteria(New York) 8PM
Pull the Curtain(Connecticut) 9PM
HighNoon(Philly) 10PM

Sunday Nov. 8th
In The Next Life 7PM
Our Fears(New York) 8PM
Baby Got Back Talk 9PM



Friday: Nov. 13th
Squid Ink(Cali) 7PM
Kelvin Kaos(CALI) 8PM

Saturday: Nov. 14th
Maya Marie(Seattle) 7PM
Zulu(CALI) 8PM
Glitch(CALI) 10PM

Sunday: Nov. 15th
Trash Heap(Colorado) 7PM
Black Tones(Confirmed) 8PM
The Tissues(CALI) 9PM


Saturday Nov. 21:

Bloodplums(ATL) 5PM
Mirror Lake(Texas) 6PM
Thaylobleu(DC) 7PM
Black Clash(FL) 8PM
Conkrete God(ATL) 9PM
The Muslims(North Carolina) 10PM

Sunday Nov 22nd:

Kinesis(ATL) 4PM
Askmeificare(Florida) 5PM
Hijas De la Muerte(FL) 6PM
Eat the Cake(DC) 7PM
Lesibugrand(ATL) 8PM
Band Nerds(Texas) 9PM
Bangarang(Florida) 10PM


Friday: Nov.27th
Pancho Villas Skull(Michigan) 6PM
Ohni and The Rizing Diety(Chicago) 7PM
Radiant Devices(Chicago) 8PM
The Moses Gun(Chicago) 9PM

Saturday: Nov 28th
Blake Red(Chicago) 5PM
Marcus Jade(Indiana) 6PM
Gold Grrl(Chicago) 7PM
The Breathing Light(Chicago) 8PM
Radkey(Missouri) 9PM

Sunday: Nov. 29th
Rebel Wyld(Chicago) 7PM
Lowest Life(Missouri) 8PM
ALENIA (Chicago) 9PM

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