EP 1

The First PUNK BLACK Podcast is finally here! Catch the witty, blerdy and sometimes nonsensical banter of Arkkade Kult and Von Phoenix! Every Monday at 1PM!

EP 2

Discussing and Featuring: Bitter, Royal Sun, info on the next PUNK BLACK, Band Tips, and Nonsense.

EP 3

Discussed and Featured Topics: Punk Black at The Bakery, Bloodplums, Star Wars, Black Panther and Nonsense.

EP 4

Features and Discusses: The Last PB show at the Bakery, Band Tips, Dope Books to check out, Nonsense

EP 5


We’re back this week for episode 5 of the PUNK BLACK Podcast!
Featuring and Discussing: Anime, Western Cartoons, Bearknuckle, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Band tips and Nonsense. #punkblack

S2 EP 1

Featuring and Discussing: Afropunk, The Next Punk Black, Band Tips, and More!

S2 EP 2

This Week we are back for Season 2 Ep 2 of the Podcast! Join us as we discuss and feature: Jamee Cornelia, Black Panther, the Usual Nonsense and more!

S2 EP 3

Featuring: Bloodplums

S2 EP 4

Featuring: Royal Sun

S2 EP 5

Episode 5 of Season 2 is already here! Join us as we feature and discuss: Erzulie and their new EP “Bad Blood Saga”, White Farmers in South Africa, and Working together(generation) to do what’s needed for the community!

S2 EP 6

Featuring and Discussing:

Awukii, Bo Diddley and Fan Submitted Questions

S2 EP 7


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S2 EP 8

S2 EP 9

S2 EP 10

S2 EP 11

S2 EP 12

S2 EP 13

S2 EP 13

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