Our March Show was Cancelled Due to COVID-19, Here are 4 Bands You Missed

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our show at 529 this month due to Coronavirus. This, of course, comes at no surprise since many(pretty much all) events have been canceled due to the outbreak. While it’s no surprise, it still hurts! We love seeing bands kick ass every month, so It was painful not being able to get our monthly mosh in. We’re still experimenting with online shows, but we’ll have it figured out soon, and you can catch our Twitch Release this Wednesday at 8 pm! Take a look and listen to the bands below, and follow the ones you dig, everyone needs a little extra support right now! Speaking of support, if you’d like to donate to 529(one of the greatest venues in ATL) you can do so here.


Vickis Dream


Nelson Pi (formerly John thefruitman)



Conkrete God





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