Never Limit Yourself! An Interview with Cosplayer of Color Charanne Loves

How did you get into cosplay and How long have you been doing it?

I always liked dressing up for like small raves and dance parties! When I moved from SC at 18, farther north I got exposed to conventions like Katsucon and Otakon where I saw people dressing up as my favorite anime characters and I wanted to join in! I first officially cosplayed as Chopper at Katsucon when I was about to turn 19. So I’ve basically been cosplaying on and off for 4 years!

Do you cosplay often? If so what is your favorite character to cosplay? If not what would be your favorite character to cosplay?

I now cosplay almost every week! It’s so therapeutic making props and sewing together outfits! My favorite character to cosplay is probably Bartolomeo because he is one of my favorite One Piece Pirates! It is also is one of the first cosplays that I sewed the whole outfit myself and made my own wig from scratch! It’s also super comfortable!

Do you buy your outfits or do you make them yourself?

I mostly make all my outfits myself, but I do sometimes get like the base part like bodysuits or capes and just add pieces to them to create the characters!

Do you have any major cosplay influences?

Yes of course!

If you do are they your favorite? If not who is?

Yes, there is way too many to name, but I enjoy seeing them work and be so passionate about this craft!

How do you fit your cosplay in your lifestyle?

Since I’m into so many things, such as music, playing videogames, and the rave scenes I end up adding a little twist to my cosplays based on my love for my other hobbies!

What was your first major project and how did you achieve it?

One of my biggest projects was my Pharaoh Atem wig. I had never done anything like that before, but with the help of my friend @pixistics, I finished it. I was able to take my cosplay to Katsucon this year and I was super excited! Everyone was really excited to see Yugiohs hair with natural hair!

Tell us about hardship or crazy situations you’ve had to deal with cosplaying.

Honestly, for me, it’s talking to people in person and on camera sometimes. I tend to get really nervous and stumble over my words, but I am slowly getting better at fighting my social anxieties, so yaay me!

What has been an invaluable resource for you while cosplaying?

Like honestly I could not survive on social media without the support of the online friends that I have made since I really got started documenting my cosplays, which was like last year! Having that support in this community is a must!

Are you watching any dope animes or any shows with Cosplay worthy characters?

Right now I am watching She-Ra, but Hunter x Hunter was the last thing that REALLY connected with me! Their characters are soooo unique and colorful to me!

Is there anything you want your fans and the fans of PUNK BLACK to know?

If you are a Black or POC cosplayer whether you are just starting out or a Vet, NEVER limit yourself! You are are not bound to certain cosplays because of how you look! If you want to be Nico Robin, Megaman, She-Ra, Mugen, Itachi, or Garnet, you better go do those characters and add YOUR flavor to them! Don’t worry about anyone else! Go have fun!

Let us know if you have any releases or updates you’d like us to include in the promo for your interview!

No updates, but please if you still need links to support and learn about issues involving Black Lives Matter don’t hesitate to go to my highlights and check them out! Also, go to my Black cosplay highlights for other amazing creators, cosplayers and businesses definitely do that too!

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