Longboarder Nathan Apodaca Gets Free Truck from Ocean Spray

Nathan Apodaca aka @doggface208 brings nothing but chill and positive vibes on his social media pages. He literally is always chillin, with life on cruise control and enjoying music from every genre. Recently a video he posted on TikTok blew up, with him longboarding through the streets of Idaho, sippin’ on Ocean Spray singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams”.

That’s it, lol he was just being himself, but it seems like there’s more to the video. Like enjoying the simple and peaceful moments in life, purely carefree.
Fleetwood Mac caught wind of the video and showed him props with a shout out and wanting to meet him one day when the pandemic is over.

The juice company Ocean Spray blessed him with a new pickup truck filled with Ocean Spray, life doesn’t get much better for Mr. Apodaca.

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