Killer Mike and Jada Pinkett Smith Team Up to Create Supergroup Metal Band Sonic Sunflower

April Fools! We’re sorry but we had to! lol We love y’all! We hope it brought you a smile in this rough time(If not, please forgive us)! It would be dope if all these amazing artists got together to produce a metal album but unfortunately, it’s not happening anytime soon. But now that you’re here, if you’re looking for some dope music check out these playlists we’ve created featuring bands of color below! If you’d like to find links to the artists in the original photo you can find them below as well! Please be safe and stay tf inside if you can!


International Women’s Day Playlist


Top Bands of 2019 Playlist


PUNK BLACK ATL Fest V Playlist


God Mix Volume 1


God Mix Volume 2


Ultimate Summer Mix


Killer Mike


Michael B Jordan


Jada Pinkett Smith

Idris Elba


Childish Gambino



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