We got the chance to interview Eden Lost, an Afrogoth model and burlesque dancer from Los Angeles, California as we talk about finding confidence, sexual expression through dance, and punk rock influence.

So when did you decide that you wanted to do Burlesque Performing and why?

A friend of mine, who is an amazing rock n roll burlesque performer, opened my eyes to the possibilities of burlesque outside of classic burlesque styles. She inspired me to try burlesque from my own perspective and style, which previous to seeing her perform I thought was not compatible with burlesque.

Where does the name Eden Lost come from?

The garden of Eden is a paradise but it is lost to mankind forever. Likewise, my persona is the ultimate tease- but ultimately unattainable!

What should people expect from you as a performer?

Storytelling and passion are at the core of my creative process and my acts reflect that! I love spending time developing my acts from choreography to costume to music selection to share with the audience the emotions I felt while creating.



Was Rock something that was something you grew up with in your household or something you discovered on your own?

Growing up I began to explore other genres of music besides what my friends and family listened. I mostly used the internet to discover new (to me) bands and styles of music.

How has Punk/Rock Inspire you?

There is something about the attitude of rock music that gives me a channel to express myself in my work. Dancing is my favorite way to channel my emotional energy physically and my burlesque performances are heavily influenced by my music choices.

If you could come up with a personal concert line up, who would be performing?

Nine inch nails, KMFDM and skinny puppy or Satyricon, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Septic Flesh


What has been your favorite performance that you’ve done  thus far?

Last night I performed a new act inspired by the idea of a moon fairy. It was set to the song Spin Moon Magic by the Dreamside. It was dark, sensual and magical!

How do you get in tune with your sexual/sensual energy? How do you practice self care?

Self care for me is setting up routines and back up plans for when I am unable or too sick to follow plan A. Preventing burnout and knowing and respecting my limits has been the most important thing to  keep me healthy. When it comes to my sexual and sensual energy, I let it flow naturally. Sometimes it happens to be that I don’t feel sexual at all before the a performance. But when I get on stage, the emotional energy I built up in developing the act takes over.

Do you feel as though Burlesque allows you to express yourself not just personally, but sexually?

There is definitely a sexual aspect to burlesque. Sexuality is a normal part of someone’s personality and I think that expressing yourself personally would automatically include expressing yourself sexually.



Do you have any advice to fellow black femmes who may want to get into Burlesque Performing?

My advice would be to go for it. Don’t wait until you are a certain dress size, don’t wait until you have the perfect costume, don’t wait until X, Y, or Z. Start now. Today. And keep practicing and improving yourself. Find your tribe. There’s a lot of rejection and trolls in this industry. By surrounding yourself with good people you can have not only a support system but also people you can relate to.

If could give the teenage version of yourself any advice, what would you say?

I’d tell myself to keep going and to have patience with myself.

As a model and performer, if you could give any advice to anyone trying to come out of their shell and build confidence, what would you say?

Like any other skill, social skills and confidence come with practice. I was incredibly shy when I was younger. I’m still shy and socially awkward- even though I voluntarily perform in front of crowds of people! But it took time and practice to get here. The insecurity and shyness never went away- but I have learned to minimize it and manage it when it does occur!

Eden Lost brings a heavy dose of rock n’ roll attitude to their sexy burlesque performance. Be prepared for lots of flirty fun and just the right amount of sultry tease! For more information with Eden Lost, follow their adventures!

Instagram: @edenlost

Facebook: facebook.com/edenlostmodeling

Website: www.edenlost.rocks

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