HOWLING STAR’s Single “Tribe” is a Welcome Basket for Weirdo’s and Resistors

Straight out the fucking gate, HOWLING STAR cuts right to the quick with their irresistible single, “Tribe”. Don’t even take my word for it, just press play, you’ll be transfixed from the opening bars. A “Welcome!” basket for the weirdos and resistors, the message is clear—you are at home here. And It’s a very cozy home, indeed. 

Coming in at a perfect three and a half minutes, the impressively infectious melody washes over you in the warmest way. While the funk-tinged energy drives the fire at the heart of this track, the lyrics present a litmus test for anyone in search of their ‘tribe’, their chosen family. And it kinda doesn’t matter what the hell lead singer Arkaade Kult might be singing, their energetic delivery works well as a zesty topper.

If you’ve been creeping on HOWLING STAR forever, like many of us, it’s been a thirsty four years since the Atlanta band has released new music. Part of which was due to the foursome lighting the match to fuel PUNK BLACK media and this glorious community to rage.

After a gross, but eye-opening experience with…another Black rock festival, lead guitarist Von Phoenix, vocalist/guitarist Arkkade Kult, bassist player Lucas Wolf, and drummer Jovan El Feo switched gears. Fuck it, we’ll do it ourselves energy. Punk ain’t dead.

And I am so glad this dynamic little number felt so good to listen to, we could all use a bit more of that. I think y’all will really dig it. And if not…okey-doke.

See them live on August 14th at the PUNK BLACK Pop Up Show at Our Bar!

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