Best Music Videos of 2020


Bob Vylan “Northern Line”

 Gentrification has always been around, but it recent years its growing worse & worse. Bob Vylan goes hard on this joint with his own personal experiences. Just listen! 

In The Whale “Crosses”

The dynamic duo from Denver is consistent as Hell. Their video for “Crosses” brings an awesome 90’s feel and a dope ass hook. Its amazing that they sound like a full band despite they’re 2-piece. 

Funeral Wake “Into The Dark”

 These dudes know how to throw it down! Besides having a kick-ass beatdown song, they present a clean black & white creation to light. We hope to see and hear more from them in 2021. 

Nova Twins “Taxi”

 Scorpions, snakes, and flames oh my! The powerhouse British rockers bring in cool visual effects that are never-ending throughout the entire video, which will keep you watching. 

Meet Me At The Altar “Garden”

 This video fits the song like a matchmade in Heaven. The pop-punk all female band has been getting nonstop traction since last year and they keep on killin’ it. Brightly colored and feel good vibes feel the air for their video “Garden”. 

Radkey “Two-Face” 

 The punk rock trio makes nothing but catchy hooks and headbangin’ hooks. Its stupid that they aren’t a bigger band by now. The song “Seize” has a beautiful guitar solo that will keep you throwing up devil horns.

Lesibu Grand “Hot Glue Gun”

 Lesibu Grand always has fun videos with a serious head bop. You can tell how excited they are to be on set and clownin’ around. Besides if you’re not having fun with what you love doing, then what’s the point? 

Samurai Shotgun “The Blast” 

 Directed by their drummer, and heavily inspired from the daylight horror film Midsommar. Samurai gets creepy, cultish, and killer in this all white dressed blood bath. Even the villain from the film Midsommar commented on their video which is beyond awesome.

Bloodbather “Erase”

Miami metalcore is here to stay. Despite going through some member change ups they haven’t lost a beat, and they’re swinging harder than ever. 









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