An interview with the band Quantum Split

How did you guys get together?
SL: We all got together through word of mouth. Richard Chen, the drummer, was found
through Craigslist when we were holding auditions for a new band. Ivan Hardy, we found
through Facebook. Someone recommended him to be part of the band and we stalked his Facebook profile. Adrian sent us an email with a video of him playing with long straight hair and his six pack lol (boys will be boys).
AR: I emailed the band after their old guitarist quit and auditioned for them with a video and a shirtless pic.
IH: We found one another on social media like Facebook and Instagram.
What’s the meaning behind your stage name?
SL: Adrian is soooo much better at answering this than I am but it’s actually an experiment on how atoms react when visualized and not visualized… Moral of the story “Be exactly who you are when people are looking and not looking”
AR: My ancestral Native American Tribe is the Red Arowaks, so it was only right to take on the name “Red.” Our name “Quantum Split” originates from an experiment in the realm of Quantum Physics. The experiment proves that under any type of observation, the atoms that compose us travel in a restricted, linear pattern. Take away the medium of observation and then the atoms travel more freely in a wave like pattern. What this means to us as people is that we often limit ourselves when we are being observed or in front of a camera, and thus limiting our possibilities. The takeaway, be as you are always and your possibilities will be endless.
IH: Jeff Hardy from the WWE was my childhood influence. He represents being extreme and expressing yourself to the fullest capacity. I wanted to embody that when it came to identifying myself as a bass player. So I took the “Hardy” name and have been using it since.
RC: Infinite dimensions of reality.
Who are some of your Influences?
SL: Guitar – Jimi Hendricx, BB King, Roseatta Tharpe… Vocally- Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Janis
AR: Slash from GnR, Hendrix, Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paco de Lucia
IH: Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, Robert Trujillo, Rex Brown, Ryan Martinie, Mike Starr, Mike
Inez, Johnny Christ, Louis Johnson, and Les Claypool are my biggest influences as a bass player. My favorite bands are Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Alice in Chains, Ozzy Osbourne, The Clash, The Ramones, My Chemical romance, Damian Marley and everything reggae.
How did you hear about PUNK BLACK?
SL: Through a queen friend of mine Gabby from the TXLIPS band…
AR: We’ve been PUNK BLACK our whole lives how could we not?
IH: I found out about Punk Black when you reached out to us.
What do you think of New York’s POC Rock scene?
SL: It’s growing everyday. I am just waiting on the takeover cause it’s going to happen, it’s
AR: New York’s POC is about to explode. We’re making sure of that.
IH: It is a very strong scene. There are many bands out here killing it. RAAA is cool.
What brands of equipment do you prefer to use?
SL: Peavey Amps… Fender Guitars …
AR: Anything that sounds good. Les Paul, Ibanez, ESP and Fender are my tops, guitars, Amp has always been a Marshall
IH: I’ve been using Spector basses since 2012. I love them and they’re my go to basses every night wherever my band is performing. They’re like batman’s utility belt. They’re able to cover so many ranges of frequency and genres unlike any other bass I’ve ever played. I currently own two four string basses and one 5 string bass. A Euro 4LX, Legend Neck-thru, and a Legend 5 classic. I’m very fortunate and honored to be endorsed with them and call myself a Spector artist. Plus the company is from New York so represent lol. My basses also all come equipped with EMG pickups. EMG’S on a Spector is tonal nirvana for me. They have deep lows and nice highs that aren’t too clicky sounding for me like some basses have. And the Midrange punch which is the most important frequency for a bassist is top notch when it comes to EMG pickups. All my basses are strung with Dean Markley strings (45-105) & (45-125). For amps, I’ve been using Ampeg since 2011. I use an SVT 4 pro head with an 8×10 Ampeg cab. That combo along with my Spector is just low end that can level cities. The last part of my signal chain are my pedals. I try not to go too crazy with my setup but I do enjoy coloring my tone a bit here and
there as well as some in your face effects. I use Darkglass Electronics B7K Ultra as my main pedal, MXR Blowtorch, BBE sonic stomp, Sansamp BDDI, MXR Envelope filter, Mel 9 tape replay by Electro Harmonix, and a Korg pitchblack tuner
RC: Don’t have a preference, any decent ones will do
If your 10 yr old self was to start a band, what would it be called?
SL: Magical Makers
AR: Dragonsonicball
RC: Goat
What’s your favorite song to perform?
SL: FOR SALE! It has the best musical composition and the best speech in the front. I never want people to believe that who they are or their dreams are for sale.
AR: A song called For Sale. We go all out on that one.
IH: I love performing all of our songs. I come from a punk, hard rock and metal background while the other members have their own influences respectively. Every song allows us to showcase bits of those influences so it wouldn’t be fair for me to choose one. I love playing them all.
RC: Say what you gotta say
Who are some of your favorite local artists?
SL: RAAA, Bad Citizen, Monsters on the Horizon.
AR: A friend’s band called Bad Citizen, They killin the rock scene.
IH: Another Day’s Armor, Tempest City, and RAAA are all rad.
What advice would you have for new and up and coming local bands?
SL: Keep striving. It’s a crazy road and when you don’t get along with someone in the band know that it may be you being the jerk lol
AR: Don’t quit your jobs yet
IH: Put a team together and never give up. Keep trying to put your names out there while
building a tight musical relationship.
Have you been on tour?
SL: Yup!
                                                              AR: Yes a National tour
IH: Last year we had our national tour and it was amazing. Got to visit so many cities and states I never thought I’d visit anytime soon. Montana, Ohio, Seattle, Indiana, Minnesota, and California were some of my favorites.
Whats your favorite tour story?
SL: Seattle getting to see Kurt Cobains house.
AR: What happens on tour stays on tour
IH: I’m a light drinker. I’m actually the stoner of the band so I handle myself better with Mary Jane than I do liquor. I got way too drunk in Kalamazoo, Michigan after a gig. One long Island Iced Tea, Shot of wildTurkey, and then a shot of tequila, I was done for the night hugging the toilet.
Any Upcoming projects?
SL: We are working on it.
IH: Were trying to get as many gigs and get into as many festivals as possible. We just want to keep performing.
RC: New songs
Are you excited for the Fest August 22nd?
AR: Yabba dabba doo excited
IH: “Hell yeah!”
RC: Yes!
Is there anything you want your fans(and new fans!) to know?
SL: Are you ready to rock?!?!
AR: Thank you all for your undying support regardless of us not having any music out. The wait will be worth it. Guaranteed.
IH: We can’t wait to come to a city near you and rock out!!! Peace and love. Plus I love
Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ice cream and vanilla.
RC: Be prepared get rocked the fuck out!
Name Key:
SL: Soleil Laurent
AR: Adrian Read
IH: Ivan Hardy
RC: Richard Chen
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