An Interview with NYC locals Winter Wolf

How did you guys get together?
I started this band when I was sick with a rare bone marrow cancer. I told myself if I get through this, I’m starting a band, fuck everything else.
What’s the meaning behind your band/stage name?
A wolf in winter is a hungry wolf. Desperate, cold, hungry… I want you to feel how I felt when I was sick.

Who are some of your Influences?
I love 70s punk! The clash, Bad brains, Misfits. But I also grew up watching musicians in church tear it down. Getting crowd moving! But also listening to roots, Little Richard gave me my bravery and Screamin Jay Hawkin gave me my edge.
What do you think of your area’s POC Rock scene?
It’s coming up! It’s been amazing to watch it grow over the last few years.
What are some of your favorite venues to play in your hometown?

My favorite shows aren’t even at proper venues, the DIY shows are amazing here, but you gotta keep your ear to the street to find out about them. Its part of the magic.
What brands of equipment do you prefer to use?
As a bass player I’ve been fiddling around and experimenting alot. But now I seem settled on a solid state Marshall amp and Jackson Minion. It’s a solid consistant combo.
What’s your favorite song to perform?
It’s a toss up between Dead Body Fuck Party, Flowers and #immacreep.

Who are some of your favorite local artists?
Soo many bands you guys need to check out here in NYC! Maafa, Alouth, None above all, Enziguri, Statik Vision and so many more.
What advice would you have for new and up and coming local bands?
Youre gonna suck at first, we all do. But learn what works for you, keep the crowd moving and engaged.
Any Upcoming projects?
Yea we just released a music video for Dead Body Fuck Party. Go check it out!

Is there anything you want your fans(and new fans!) to know?
Love yourself, take care of each other, we’re all in this together. You are not alone!
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