7 ways you can help the homeless and less fortunate this winter

When is the last time you took the time to stroll around downtown Atlanta? Trinity Avenue, Forsyth Street, Peachtree Street, Mitchell Street and the whole downtown area south of five points station. You would have to be stonewalling reality to not see the state of disparity represented in the area. The most fucked part about it is that some of the main places where the homeless congregate are right by the Atlanta and Fulton County judicial complexes. They are right there by the state capital. Parents with their children in the cold, people with obvious mental health challenges, the people that need help are all right there and the people that make the laws and ordinances in Atlanta just walked by, or drive yet what is being done?

Well, we at Punk Black are of the mind that if you see something fucked up do something, or at least say something. Punk is also about revolution. We believe in solution-based action.  We want to encourage you to be a part of our blanket and coat drive this coming Punk Black on the 21st. Also this coming Wednesday the 18th the Punk Black Outreach Group will be working with Mad Housers, an organization that builds tiny homes for the homeless. Check the event page on our Punk Black Outreach group to get more involved.

Here are seven other ways that you can help the homeless and less fortunate this winter:


  • Go through your closets at home and find coats, jackets or any type of  gently worn clothing and if you see someone in need offer it to them. Keep some in your car. Or donate them to local shelters or churches
  • When you shop for groceries grab a couple of canned goods or non-perishables keep them in your car and give them to someone if they’re hungry. There are many places that offer food to the homeless on  a daily or weekly basis.
  • Do some research and find organizations and charities that offer the services that you may have a heart for and ask them what you can do to help.
  • Donate to our current fundraiser, we are raising money for care packages. You can find it here.
  • Find the local senior citizen homes and recreational centers and offer some of your time with the elderly. 
  • Offer a friendly word or a smile as often as you can. Sometimes a smile makes all the difference in the world.
  • Be an advocate for positive change through conversation, sharing on social media, and  through giving and action. Spread awareness of the different ways that people can help.


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