6 Spotify Playlists Featuring Bands of Color you Should Listen to While Stuck in the House

Hey beautiful people! We hope you all are well during this insane time. It’s important to stay as mentally and physically healthy as possible during this time, and we hope that you all are taking care of yourselves! Since you’re stuck in the house and probably looking for new music you should take a listen to the playlists below. Most of them are bands that have graced the #punkblack stage, and we’re sure you’ll find some music that you love. If you find a band(or bands) that you dig, please follow and support them, everyone could use some extra love right now. Please be safe, and we love you!

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International Women’s Day Playlist


Top Bands of 2019 Playlist


PUNK BLACK ATL Fest V Playlist


God Mix Volume 1


God Mix Volume 2


Ultimate Summer Mix

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