4 Ways you Can Help #punkblack create new spaces for Alternative People of Color

Since we started PUNK BLACK around four years ago their has been a lot of growth in the community. Lately the growth is happening more quickly and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re getting ready for our more festivals, weekly shows, more events, podcasts, interviews and more ways to give back to the community. The more we plan out this year the more we realize that we are going to need some help! Running a start up isn’t easy, but we know we can go above and beyond with your support. Here are 5 ways you can help support the movement!

1.Tell your friends

This one sounds obvious but is really one of the most helpful things you could do. We may be in the age of the internet but word of mouth is just as powerful as ever. If you have a friend that’s looking for a space to be themselves and call home, bring them to a show or tell them about the page!


2.Share the Content you dig

If you’re browsing the page and find something you like, share it or leave a comment! This not only gets the word out for #punkblack and the artists we promote, it lets facebook and instagram know what you like seeing so they can bring you more of it! Not to mention that a lot of the artists we promote are starting out and getting their bearings online, sharing their work on commenting might mean the world to them!

3. Donate(Or Share the Donation page)

When starting a company a lot of the battles you face are financial, and as we move forward at a faster pace, the battles have gotten even more intense. We’ll be heading to Oakland, California for our first Cali Fest and we could definitely use your support! Whether you share, donate or wish that you could, we appreciate your love. You can donate below or via our cash app at $punkblack


4. Supporting Local Artists, Musicians, and Cosplayers

Supporting up and coming artists, musicians and cosplayers is insanely important for the movement. Whether they’re performing or setting up at a #punkblack, local venue, their garage, or your basement they need your love and support. Creating content, performing and create cosplays can be extremely difficult, and being an Alt POC can make this endeavor even more so. Whether it’s going to show, sharing some photos, or saying some kind words, please do your best to get out and support whenever and wherever you can!




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