4 Music Videos from Bands of Color that you may have missed this January

In music(and a lot of things actually) it’s always a good a habit to start strong and finish strong. These bands below decided that was the approach they wanted to take for the whole of 2020, and they are doing just that. 2020 has only just begun and these amazing bands of color have decided to start things off with a huge bang! If you dig what hear below make sure to follow each band because we’re sure you don’t want to miss out on the incredible things they will do this year!

Second Lady 

The all female pop-punk band from Osaka, Japan gives off nothing short of fun and dancey vibes with “Its All Right”. Their charismatic energy can make any wallflower get their back up off the wall and party.

Samurai Shotgun 

“The Blast” provides for a punch in the face by the Florida/Georgia alt-hip-hop band, musically and lyrically. “The trunk slappin’ got you Trump slappin’ in your system,  it’s a code orange kids, you better bring your ballistics” from frontman Mateo putting the celeb president on blast nonetheless.


The Atlanta metalcore band dropped their long awaited first video for “Thanatophobia” which translates to the fear of death. Two frontman scream back n forth over a gunfire of double bass and shredding guitars. What’s not to love about that?


Melodic metalcore outfit Artessa came out swinging early in January,  dropping their first single and video “Eyes”. A crispy and clean cut video with superb slomo always gets the job done. This is a solid coming out joint for the band and we can’t wait for what’s next.
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