12 Songs from Underground Bands of Color you need to listen to

For the last two years we’ve released an annual mixtape of dope bands of color, and it’s by far one of our favorite things to do. There are so many bands of color that make dope music, and it’s an honor to be able to gather some of it in one place. We hope you bump the God Mix Volume 3 as hard as we will, and that you find some sounds you haven’t heard before that you’ll take into 2019!

Track 1: Agent Orange by The Muzlimz

IG: @themuzlimz

Track 2: Dead Body Fuck Party by Winter Wolf

IG: @winterwolfnyc

Track 3: Demons by Erzulie

IG: @erzulieband

Track 4: We’re All Evil by Ghosthead

IG: @ghosthead.atl

Track 5: Free by Conkrete God

IG: @conkretegod

Track 6: Spastic by KULA

IG: @kulabandla

Track 7: Race You To The Cemetery by Kawaii AF

IG: @kawaiiaf_official

Track 8: Rest in Pieces by KillerKroc

IG: @killerkrocband

Track 9: Rock Scene by Aligns

IG: @aligns

Track 10: When They Come by Sixteen Bullets

IG: @sixteenbullets

Track 11: The Blast by Samurai Shotgun

IG: @samurai_shotgun

Track 12: LIQUIFY by Eat the Cake

IG: @eatthecakeband

Thank you so much listening to these amazing bands! We hope that you found a few new favorites to add to your playlist. If you’d like to Listen to God Mix Volume 3 from beginning to end use the playlist below! head to our SoundCloud to listen to Volumes One and Two!

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