10 Video Game cosplays by Cosplayers of Color to see while you’re celebrating #VideoGameDay

Happy Video Game Day! We hope you’re chillin hard with your favorite game right now, because we are(for me it’s Skyrim)! While you’re giving your thumbs a quick break or just looking around for some game tips online, stop for a second and check out these video game cosplays by these amazing cosplayers of color! Make sure to follow your favorites!


Afroqween Cosplay as Cammy

Photography by Cerberus Fotos
Makeup by Amber Me’Chel Makeup


Valerie Longe as Cloud

Photography and Edit: Poisoned_Photography


ManaKnight Cosplay as Squall

Taken by David Ngo at MAGFest 2019

Eric Moran as M. Bison

Photographs by Adya Moran

@S_roberts90 as Ryu

Photo: @fxdandy

_deathbylavender_ as Elena

Photographer: @xelda.v


@dacrazybuffalo as Balrog


@lucidbelle as Jaqui Briggs


@chibith0t as Level 1 and Final Level Calamity 


@KrissyVictoryy as D.Va


@feministchronicles as Jade


@jetscosplay as Raiden

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