10 Bands of Color you need to look out for in 2019

2019 is literally around the corner, and looking at this list of bands makes us even more excited to see what the new year will bring! Take a look at this list, and make sure to follow your favorites!

10.The Muzlims

This all-queer, Black & Brown punk band hailing from Durham, NC is a band that is impossible to forget. We saw them live for the first time at our fourth festival, and it was hard not to fall in love with their amazing stage energy, kick ass sound, and warm vibes. Make sure give their music a listen, especially their track “Agent Orange”! Find their music at themuslims.bandcamp.com

9. KillerKroc

KillerKroc has a special place in our hearts. They’ve been performing at PB events for a while now and we’ve seen them grow so much since their first show with us. Their sound combines elements of punk, metal and progressive metal which comes together to really light a fire in your belly. Make sure to look out for them in 2019! Follow them on IG at @killerkrocband

8. Crystal Axis

We’re honestly humming their single “Leopold” as we write this. Crystal Axis hails from Nairobi, Kenya and fuses dope melodies, catchy rhythms and punk straight from the heart. We connected with them through an interview last year and learned that not only does Nairobi have a dope and budding rock scene, but also that they were one of the bands helping to nurture it. Make sure to keep you eyes on them in 2019! Listen to “Leopold” on Youtube now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a-tUD5ZUL0 

7.  KULA

This powerhouse quartet comes for Los Angeles, California and we had the pleasure of seeing them live at our first PB Cali where they literally melted our faces off. We can’t wait to see them live again at our Oakland Fest in February(Spoliers!), and we’re sure they’ll be a band you want to look out for next year! Find their music online at kulamusic.com

6. Conkrete God

If you can’t tell by this photo alone of Lindsey(left,drums) and Denitra(right,vocals) coming to the stage in an epic fashion that Conkrete God puts on one hell of a show then let us paint you a picture. With the power of a tank and the precision of a sniper CG combines insane vocals, face melting guitar solos, and moving rhythms that melt your face and your heart. If you’re in Atlanta and haven’t seen them you should definitely catch a show soon! Follow them on IG at @conkretegod, and listen to their music on this year’s God Mix at punkblack.com! 

5. Samurai Shotgun

Hailing from Tampa Florida Samurai Shotgun is an unstoppable musical force with a fierce live performance. This Prog Post Hip Hop band is filled with dope and seasoned musicians and is guaranteed to give you an amazing show. We suggest you check out a few of their amazing singles like Sabretooth, Eye See Red and The Blast ASAP. We’re excited to see what new music they bring us in 2019! Follow them on IG at @Samurai_Shotgun  

4. Aligns

There is only two people in this picture, but we can assure they sound like a band of 6. We got to see them in Brooklyn back in August and we were extremely impressed of how powerful this duo sounded. Their live show is full of energy and combines modern synth like vocals, heavy guitar and drum rhythms that could move mountains. Make sure to look out for them in 2019! Follow them on IG at @aligns


H*S is a powerful 4 piece assault on your ears, and has been on the PB scene since the very beginning. It’s members do their best to make sure that PB keeps running by kicking ass, taking names, and doing a bit a little paperwork. Their sound combines elements of rock, funk, hip hop and punk to bring their audience heavy hitting shows. They have a new E.P. in the works and they’re definitely a band you want to keep track of in 2019. Follow them on IG at @thestariscalling

2. The Sagas

If you’ve seen The Sagas at a PB in Atlanta we bet you can feel the energy resonating from this picture. They put on powerful and and energetic show that always ends with the audience asking the question “When is the next show?” Their sound combines a few genres which makes their sound difficult to describe(besides describing as dope as fuck),  but luckily for you you can find their single “Opposites” online by checking out our God Mix Volume 2 at punkblack.com! Follow the on IG at @thesagassolpunk

1. Quantum Split

If you haven’t seen a performance by Quantum Split we suggest that you rush to see one as soon as possible. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York they put on amazing and passionate performance that combines elements of Trap Rap and Rock. Despite not yet having any official recorded material they have built an impressive fan base, and have even worked with major companies like McDonalds. You should make it a personal mission to look out for them in 2019, we definitely will. Find them online at QuantumSplit.com 
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