The Sagas are back at #punkblack!

The Sagas!!!!!

First of all, if you haven’t heard The SAGAS then you are poor deprived soul. Secondly, if you haven’t seen them live then you are deprived of the next mystical evolutionary organ that we Young Gods have developed!!!!

Yes, it’s that serious!!!!

I will admit that I have a tendency toward the dramatic, but this band is over the top. PK, the lead singer has been transported here and will, without a doubt infect you with space consciousness… the music shoots through his body with laser-like conniption fits as he wails with a voice mined from fields of other dimensions. “Dmunie” and Ben keep the voyage flying steady and dynamic as a freakish rhythm section of the Gods. And then Enrico and “Panda” accent every shade of this ethereal experience with serpent tongue-like stabbing guitar licks and face melting trombone blasts that leave you mesmerized if not transformed…

Yes, it’s that serious!!!!

And you actually have the opportunity to fly with them… and us tonight night at 529. With one of the best lineups I have seen in a very long time, Punk Black April 2018 will make history.  Samurai Shotgun, holders, BearKnuckle, The African Space Program… I hope we can survive this show!!!!

We will also be throwing up cheers for the transition into 4/20 and celebrating the Births of two Punk Black pillars Von Phoenix and Avien the Grey!!!!! You’ll be a fool to miss it.

We’ll be at 529 Flat Shoals Ave at about 9:00 cpt on 4/19/2018. See you there.

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