An Interview with Cosplayer Warz Gill

What made you get into Cosplay modeling?
When I went to my first Youmacon in 2012, I didn’t know everyone could cosplay and I hopped on the hype train promising to cosplaying to every con I go to. Next, one of my best friends, Jasmine a.k.a Shockolate energy, made me want to take it further because of the work she does in the cosplay and con going community.

What made you think of your cosplay name?

Warz Gill starts with a W, my last name starts with a W, so I said why not? The name originally came from Super Sentai Gokaiger.  The main antagonist was King /Admiral of the enemy fleet opposing the Power Rangers. I think of myself as a king, it’s a kings name. I only Cosplay kings, but we’ll get to that in a few questions. 

Where do you live? How is the cosplay scene there?
I live in Detroit, Michigan,  and I live with some pretty creative people who cosplay, and they’re confident. Some of them are an inspiration to me and they make me wanna do it because it’s a great way to spread positivity. Long story short, the scene is awesome, the people are awesome.
How long have you modeled?
This would be my 6th year cosplaying and my 1st year doing serious work.

Who’s your favorite character to model?

So far my favorite character to cosplay is Black Panther. It’s the one cosplay that I’ve received the most positive feedback, and I’m just in time for the movie.

2nd favorite?

My second favorite character to cosplay would be Zeref Dragneel from Fairy Tail because he’s the emperor of his own civilization, the main antagonist of fairy tail and the ultimate black wizard…..who almost won! Also we have a lot in common, he’s just one of my favorite characters period.

Do you buy outfits or do you make them yourself?

I buy most ofmy stuff. Only because I don’t have the time to make it unless it’s a prop or weapon, like touching up, priming and making it look real
What was your first major project and how did you achieve it?
My first major project was a helmet for Hela from the Thor Ragnorak movie. I used black primer, gloss poster board plastic dip on an old hat. The project was successful, and I can’t wait to unveil it.
When were you first introduced to Black Panther?I was first introduced to Black Panther reading Avengers vs. X-Men, I started buying his comics and I became sort of fascinated by it, Right around the time Captain America Civil War came out I saw the suit and I knew I had to have it.


Who’s your favorite character to play?

 It’s between Zeref and Black Panther.

What do you feel about the presence of (or lack thereof) POC in the Cosplay scene?

I don’t really have anything to say other we need more positive cosplayers in the community, we need everyone to get put out there

What are your favorite Cosplay events to attend?

I love cosplay conventions, mainly Youmacon, and Shutocon. I wish to explore more down the line.

Are you watching any dope animes or any shows with Cosplay worthy characters?

Food Wars I keep contemplating on cosplaying Seat 1 of the elite 10 Council; Eishii Tsukasa and My hero Academia ALL Might

What are your top 3 favorite animes?

Food Wars, Yugioh Gx, Fairy Tail

Who was the photographer of your submitted photos?
His name is Monte, and his Facebook is Listentomonte.

Can you tell us anything about them? Maybe why you dig them as a photographer or a cool story about you two?
He’s an awesome, experienced photographer! We share some of the same friends and interests, especially anime and comic books. As a person, he’s really cool and easy to get along with.

Is there anything you want your fans and the fans of PUNK BLACK to know?

Yes I do, cosplay can be a time consuming, and a very expensive hobby. It also should not be the end all be all of conversation. There are other less time consuming, money dependent hobbies. Get out and explore, game, and play with other ideas. Above all else, make sure business is taken care of. If you cosplay, and are over the age of 21 with a steady job, make sure you are paying bills, putting business ahead of pleasure, have a degree, and taking care of yourself.  Ultimately it shouldn’t matter as long as your kids are fed, husbands and wives are taken care of and the bills are paid. It should not matter what a person is spending their money on. “He has money for this, and that and so on” or ” she can buy cosplay but she’s not driving”. Those are the comments of people who aren’t willing to help you, but continuously sprout on about negativity. Tune them out, do you and be the best you can be. Cosplayer, gamer, card gamers, and so on. Lastly, Cosplay isn’t restricted to race, body type, sexuality, or gender. Be who you want, have fun as that character. Find a gimmick, use it to your liking and get a supportive following. For instance, I’m a king in my eyes and I’ll be cosplaying kings: Black Panther, Aquaman etc. Do what works for you and simply have fun.
FB: Gustavius Quevie Wells 
Instagram: WarzgillWells999 
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