When we had our first PUNK BLACK event, we didn’t really know if it would be a monthly event, or if it would even survive as a monthly event. But after seeing the impact it had on the POC Rock scene in ATL, we knew we had to at least try. After doing hundreds of hours of research, and performing for years on the scene we realized that Moshers of Color in ATL(and everywhere else!) didn’t have many(if any) places to gather, meet, mosh, and show the world what bad asses we are. The Cosplayers of Color scene unfortunately has this same problem. In response to this and to the fact that we fuckin’ love cosplay, we have decided to add Cosplay to PUNK BLACK permanently. That means featured Cosplay models every month, new prizes, interviews, merch and much more! We hope to really create an awesome dope space where the two scenes can marry and create a whole new generation of Cosplaying, moshing, unapologetic, informed, happy and kick ass children.

All that being said we are looking for pictures of dope new Cosplay Models of Color to feature on our flyers every month!  If your picture is chosen we’ll credit you and the photographer for the picture, you’ll be able to attend PUNK BLACK Cosplay Edition for Free, and you(and your original picture) will be featured on our site and social media networks! If you’re interested please send your photos(high res only*) to [email protected] with your names, IG name, website and any promotional info you’d like us to spread. Thank you for your time!


*What is a high resolution photo? Find the well explained answer here- https://www.nema.org/Communications/EI/Product-Showcase/Pages/What-is-a-High-Resolution-Image.aspx


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