An Alternative POC Experience through the eyes of Hello Shelay

Written by Sierra Gude

It goes without saying that for years the punk scene has been constantly white washed and molded into something that isn’t always accepting of diversity. Nowadays because of the internet we are learning that it’s not all white dudes with Technicolor Mohawks and blink-182 tattoos and because of YouTubers who spend their time trying to break that stereotype we’re able to find people we relate with who make us feel included and not alone. For me the person who did that was “Hello Shelay”.  Shelay Hague, more commonly known as Hello Shelay by her fans, has been making online content since 2010 garnering almost 13,000 subscribers and over 600,000 views. Citing fellow YouTuber Drew Disaster as inspiration, most of her earlier videos consisted of vlogs where she goes to concerts and sit down videos where she talks about her favorite bands. Though she still keeps to the format that she’s known for Shelay started to branch out more with her content, making videos about her piercings and plugs, her tattoos, her fashion tips and alternative make up tutorials. The 22 year old from West Philadelphia has also been featured in music videos for the bands Real Friends and Sorority noise, vlogging both experiences and posting about them on her channel. Having over 3000 followers combined on her personal and professional Instagram, Shelay has shown off her passion for photography (which she went to school for), promoting women of color in the alternative scene and pushing the message that black women made rock ‘n’ roll. Though she remains busy with her YouTube channel, her career as a photographer, and her personal life she has proven that being a black girl is something beautiful and doesn’t have to fit anybody’s definition of perfect except for your own.

(all photos used in this article were taken by Shelay Hague)
At the moment Shelay does not have a upload schedule to her channel but She always post on her Instagram story whenever she is about to upload. Shelay is also an official member of the Melanin Girls instagram and will further help promote other alternative black girls.

Instagrams: @HelloShelay and @_Melanin.girls

Twitter: @HelloShelay

Snapchat: @Heroinb0bby

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